Black Rugs

Discover the timeless elegance of black rugs with our exclusive collection. From traditional patterns to modern designs, our black rug selection offers something for every style preference. Handmade with high-quality wool, each rug is built to last and add sophistication to any room in your home. Browse our carefully curated collection today and elevate your space with the beauty of black rugs.


What are the benefits of black vintage rugs?

Black vintage rugs are stylish and sophisticated, and they can help tone down a room with too many vibrant colors.

What should I consider when purchasing a black vintage rug?

When choosing a black rug, pay attention to the pattern and design to avoid making the room look smaller and darker.

Will the color fade on my black vintage rug?

Handmade black Turkish rugs made with wool are less likely to fade compared to machine-made rugs made with synthetic materials like nylon.

How durable are black vintage rugs?

Black vintage rugs made with wool are highly durable due to the elasticity of wool fibers, which can stretch and bounce back to their original length. Synthetic rugs, such as those made with nylon, are not as durable and tend to last only a few years.

Is it worth buying a black vintage rug?

Yes, Turkish hand-knotted rugs are made to last and are worth the investment. Additionally, each rug is unique due to the handmade process.

What makes black vintage rugs unique?

Black overdyed vintage rugs are one-of-a-kind and can be compared to owning an original piece of art.