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Throw Pillows

Turkish Pillows, whether new or classic, are recognized all over the world for their beauty and quality. Our turkish pillow cover are hand woven and no two are the same. Each one is one of a kind.


➔ 8x20 Pillow Cover
➔ 16x16 Pillow Cover
➔ 16x24 Pillow Cover
➔ 20x20 Pillow Cover


Small pillows filled with cotton and bird feathers are items used with pleasure by everyone. Pillows are small pillows that are both an ornament and a need of every home. They help break the monotony of your sofa cushions or add color to your chair. They can also help make hard chairs more comfortable. Pillows with many models and colors will add joy and color to your home. You can choose wonderful throw pillows for every taste and every budget.The throw pillows we sold were all one-of-a-kind, made from vintage kilim remnants, as a way of salvaging particularly beautiful designs and giving them a new life

Things to consider when decorating decorative pillows:
1- Do not use identical throw pillows with your sofa.
2- Choose the color of the throw pillow
3- Decide how many throw pillows will be on the sofa
4- Choose the size and shape of the throw pillow
5- Learn about the pillow fabric
6- Arrange the pillows in a decorative way
7- Don't settle for the first one, take a look at the options