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Vintage Turkish/Anatolian Flatweave/Kilim rug, handmade, all wool rug

* Size: 8.3x6.3 feet / 250x188 cm

* A vintage Kilim rug from central Anatolia made in 1930s, all wool, hand made, classic embroidered design (Cicim), natural and man-made dyes, good colour harmony, excellent condition (no repairs).

* Professionally cleaned and ready for use.
* Free Shipping, via TNT Express/Fedex.
* Estimated delivery: 5-7 days after ordering.

Thank you for your interest, we hope you enjoy the carpet for years to comeWhat is handmade vintage rug?
Between 1920 and 1990, one hundred percent of the hands were touched.
natural sheep wool or cotton was used and some of the paint was made from nature.
some of these are made with the technique of flat weaving, some of them were woven with knots.
it would usually be touched by two ladies and would last between a month and a year, depending on their size.
woven carpets were used on the ground in Anatolia.each family would weave carpets based on the number of children in the house because,a member of the family would touch her with at least five carpets when she was getting married, as a gift to her home .This is a common tradition in the Anatolian region.
after many years, these carpets are purchased again by carpet collectors like us, and all repairs are made and cleaned are presented to the taste of our valued customers.
so it is purely a work of art.
Handmade rugs sometimes have some mistakes, such as curvature and sometimes minor abrasions on the knots.
these are perfectly normal because they're a hundred percent hand-woven.
please ask for detailed information and pictures about the product to avoid any problems after purchase.
please respect these cultural values and manual labor.
Thanks for visit my store.
Retired Canadian diplomat, former Editor of a Canadian magazine on diplomacy and the Foreign Service, residing part time in old Gelveri Cappadocia, central Turkey. An avid collector of Turkish carpets and kilims (flat weave), I joined forces with a local carpet expert to offer a wide variety of the region's best at accessible prices. All items are shipped directly from Turkey.