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Kilim Rugs

Turkish Kilim rug means a plain woven rug, meaning no pile. All of our vintage kilim rugs are hand woven, available in all sizes and colors and are woven from Turkey. It is carefully selected and made of high quality wool and cotton. It can be used for floor and wall of rugs. It is a fleatweave rug preferred by everyone with its thin and light structure.


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What is Kilim Rug ?

Kilim is a pile-free weaving based on two yarn systems, without reverse and flat. It is one of the oldest known weaving types. It can also be used for decoration. It is woven from wool or bristle yarn on vertical or horizontal floor looms. The difference from the rug is that it is lint-free and knot-free, and its difference from other flat woven mats is that it is made with two yarn systems and its patterns are not fluffy.

How Are Kilim Decorated ?

Rugs are a great choice for homes with ethnic décor such as oriental or Asian style. Rugs have a finer weave than carpets, so they are generally preferred on floors that provide heat insulation such as wooden parquet. With their ethnic patterns, they are used in styles such as tropical, rustic, rural, Mediterranean, eclectic and occasionally Scandinavian. Depending on your style and the characteristics of the flooring, you can strengthen your style with colorful and patterned kilims.
You can also consider using kilims in your Bohemian-style rooms. Thus, you can create a colorful and happy atmosphere. You can use a rug pad under the kilim. In this way, you can prevent the kilim from slipping.If you place a low coffee table right next to you, you can enjoy your own corner of peace. You can also use kilims for industrial-style décor if you combine and match your furniture and accessories carefully. Also, many loft apartments use a large rug in the bedroom or living room area.
If you want to go one step further, you can also use kilims to decorate your walls. Kilim looks great on white or light-colored walls.

How to Clean Kilim Rug?

First wash your kilim, which traps the dust and dirt in the house, with a vacuum cleaner and remove the coarse dirt. The most important point that you should pay attention to before proceeding to the washing process is not to use the shampoo you use while washing the kilims on the rugs. Otherwise, your kilim may be damaged.

Lay the kilim that you will wash on a clean and large floor. Then run the warm water over the kilim and lather the detergent water on the rug with a sponge or a non-hard brush. Take care to do the foaming process by shaking it to the right and left, not in a circular way.

After rinsing with lukewarm water, leave the kilim on the floor to dry, front and back. In the meantime, it is useful to be careful, as too much sun exposure will fade the color of the rug.