Welcome to my shop Hello, I'm Kadir,

I came to Earth in hand woven rugs. I was born in Cappadocia region in Anadolu Kap.

The rug weaving and interest of my family elders have always impressed me. It made me happy that our hand-woven rugs attracted the attention of tourists in Cappadocia and bought our products. I was always interested in carpets since I was born.


Rug is not just material for me, it's just knot, not just pattern. It carries emotion, hope, love, maybe sadness. In this important world, I am very happy to bring the object together with perfect designs in your home all over the world.


I started researching rugs. I learned that the meaning of his symbol, the value of his

knot, artistic value and all the detail of vintage rugs…


I met many carpet owners, I decided to do this work with some knowledge and experience. Of course, since this is an ongoing profession from my family, I present this world to the whole world through website search. It makes me happy to deliver and spread these Turkish Art Rugs to the whole world. I love my way, I believe that the carpets are my stars on my way and they show me the right way.


I do this not only to make money, also to make friends and make you happy. I travel around Anatolia and find beautiful old Turkish carpets for you.

Among the types of carpets I have found area rugs, runner rugs, small runner rugs, oushak rugs, handmade rug, turkish rugs, moroccan rugs, stair rugs, large rugs made of wool and cotton.


I collect them clean them in dust barrels wash them with special shampoo and get ready to send your precious homes.


Rugs are usually 40-70 years old, beautiful vintage carpets for your home. All organic and hand-woven carpets and rails.

Shipping is very fast 2-5 days express shipping. We use Dhl and Fedex for shipping.

Please ask questions for more information about our rugs. We do rug work locally and sending the rug to you

Thank you for your support Regards